Monday, 20 January 2014

The Beer, Books and Blogger

About Me
Kimberley Villaluz (Kim, is fine) is a second year student at a post-secondary institute of higher learning. She is currently working toward a random, double major combination of English and Criminology. Both are programs that she enjoys very much (but still leaves her doubting her future from time to time). Despite her exciting academic career, she also works a part time job in a feeble effort to put a few coins in her pocket, ah, but in vain.

As great as her life sounds, it only gets better, because she is actually a pretty cool chick and loves to read books that are not a part of her course syllabi.

About the Blog
I started this blog in an effort to fulfill my blogging resolution of the New Year. I have committed myself to writing a review of a book and I figured that it would be a great opportunity to create a blog where I can share the books I have read. I plan on filling this blog with not only reviews, but also different musings in relations to books I may be currently reading or have read in the past.

As for the name, I had originally wanted to name it “Bucks and Books” as a play on “Starbucks” because I spend a great deal of time at any Starbucks location within a reasonable distance. Yay, cheesy alliterations! Alas, some other blogging soul beat me to the punch, and I thought of the next best thing and that was beer. Have you ever read a book while slightly buzzed on beer? I have, it’s most relaxing, I promise you.

Anyhow, like all New Year’s resolutions, I’m not entirely sure that I’ll be able to keep this blog, however, I will try not to lose hope. So, read on...if there is anyone out there!

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  1. hi, thanks for following! :D

    and no i haven't ever read a book after I've had a beer i usually get overly hyper and can't stand or sit still haha, but it sounds nice i might try it just to see if i can do it haha

    1. No problem, and thanks for the follow, as well! (:

      Haha, I actually get really tired after I have beer, so when I read while slightly buzzed, it was really relaxing for me. It's a challenge in itself, let me know how that goes, haha!